Todd Brown, MD, PhD







  • Member, Bone Complications Working Group of the Inflammation TSG (Aug 2008 – Present)
  • Member, Immune Activation Focus Group of Inflammation TSG (Aug 2014-Present)
  • Protocol Co-Chair, ACTG 5260s, ACTG 5318 (LEACH)
  • Protocol Vice-Chair, ACTG 5280, ACTG 5303
  • Co-chair, ACTG 5361s
  • Co-investigator, ACTG 5257


Leadership Committees

Clinical Trials

A5128: Consent for Use of Stored Patient Specimens for...

The purpose of this study is to obtain informed consent to use stored human biological materials (HBM) (e.g., blood and other...

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NWCS 414, Evaluation of a Serum Biosignature for Identifying...

We will address our hypothesis using a case-control study design. We plan to leverage the existing biorepository of...

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A5288: MULTIOCTAVE, Management Using the Latest Technologies...

The study is being done to: test a strategy of using a resistance test to choose anti-HIV drugs. Resistance tests look at the...

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HPTN 078: Enhancing Recruitment, Linkage to Care and...

The purpose of this study is to develop and assess the efficacy of an integrated strategy that includes feasible and scalable...

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A5274: REMEMBER, Reducing Early Mortality and Early...

This study is being done in people who are starting HIV treatment and who live in areas where the TB infection rate is high. The...

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